Unlimited Tracks

Unlimited Tracks

Regular price $3,000.00


This is for all the serious artists that dont want to limit themselves to one track. This is for the artists who want to record multiple tracks in a session without paying extra. Testing on the mic, whether its delivery, flow or just how they sound on autotune. Artists then choose which tracks they want mixed and which ones they want scrapped. All tracks will be pushed to the front of the queue and have priority over all other artists tracks, including better quality and quicker turn around times. This is for artists that want to sort through all their tracks fast and narrow it down to the hits quick! You will be saving so much money, for example if you record 50 tracks in 6 months you will be saving $5000 !! Will also receive FG clothing and any help and guidance the artist needs for their career to take off!

(Before purchasing, contact @forevergoatstudios on instagram or click here, and send us an inquiry)


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